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Eye Check Up

At Berris Optical, you can receive treatment for a wide variety of ocular diseases from our friendly, experienced staff. With the availability of state-of-the-art equipment available for your treatment, you'll be in great hands. Your eyes are your lens to the world, and you should always take any pain or visual deficiencies seriously. Call today and schedule your appointment.

• Pink eye

• Foreign body removal

• Glaucoma

• Corneal abrasion

• Eye infections

Diseases you can have treated:

Using services such as comprehensive eye exams at the first sign of blurry vision can help you avoid permanent damage to your eyes. Learn about the quality staff available to you at Berris Optical here.

Take preventative action

Are you feeling pain but don't have a scheduled appointment? Our office does the best we can to fit you in for same-day treatments, so call today to check our doctors' current schedules.

Take the correct steps to quality health

Treat your ocular issues before it's too late